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We can certainly help you with your business becoming compliant with the new Data Protection legislation (GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018).

The key steps for a small to medium business (up to 200 employees) are:

  1. Registration with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) as a Data Controller - you may have done this already, as it is actually a requirement of the current legislation;
  2. Performance of an Information Audit;
  3. Documentation of the lawful basis for processing for each process and category of data identified in the Audit;
  4. Review of your data security;
  5. Production of a Privacy Policy for publication.

This all sounds incredibly complicated, but it actually isn't! One of our consultants will visit you at your premises, and go through the Audit with you, explaining the lawful basis we are recommending in each case (this is basically the reason why you need to process that type of personal data). We'll also discuss your security provisions. We then come away and prepare a report for you, detailing all the information you need, along with any actions you need to take or decisions to be made. We also provide a draft Privacy Policy for you.

For most small businesses, this takes between 4 and 6 hours, and we charge a very reasonable £50 an hour, so the total cost to you would be £200 to £300. For a medium-sized firm with more than 10 employees, it may take an hour or two more, but even then the cost is still under £500 - and we are not VAT registered, so that is the total cost.

Don't leave it any longer, and don't just sit there and worry - call the experts. And don't forget, GDPR also stands for Good Decision, Phone Richard!

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